Humanitarian Havana, Cuba.

Humanitarian travel

Cuba is an enigma. Plagued by major cultural, economic, politiccal changes over a turbulent century and more, this trip explores the role of faith and resiliencey. Changes in the 1992 Cuban Constitution allowed for religion to come out the margins of civil socieity. The collapse of the former USSR led to a resurgence in faith-based practices, off all types. We explore the role of faith and spirituality on the island, at a time that --once again-- appears to strain living conditions to new extremes. 

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Travel in small groups to Cuba. Leave dogma and ideology at the door. Experience the island inductively,  allowing exerpiences to build increementally to see how Cubans survive in an austere setting. Help us support these faith-based groups. Donations, included in the price, will be made. We have a chance to work on a farm for a day to help nuns who provide meals for preschoolers. We'll meet Jewish, Baptist, and santería believers. We'll listen to their experiences about life on the ilsand and how faith mitigates hardship.