Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel with Joseph L. Scarpaci and the CSCCE to Havana, Cuba??

Even in the age of online booking, travel agents are a great source of information and discounts. Our Cuba travel services can make sure that your trip  to Havana and beyond is tailored to you, assist you in case of unexpected problems, and help you anticipate potential issues in advance. Additionally, individual travel is illegal under the Trump administration. Use our 90-past trips to avoid the legal pitfalls that going to Cuba entials. Although we travel in groups, we stay on the right side of the U.S. law and avoid 'showcase' tourism that often happens when gringos are led around by local guides. 

Cuba is a Fellini film: Get the right guidance to enjoy the flick!

Will I pay more if I book through an agent?

Nope. As a matter of fact, we avoid all the middle-folks in the travel business. A network of on-the-ground contacts (specalists, nature guides, academics, entrepreneurs, BnB operators, home restaurant owners, docents, charities, nonprofits, drivers, and the like, work directly with us. No marks ups. Dr. Scarpaci 

Do you book group travel?

Yes! Do you have an upcoming conference for your business or a student trip? We can handle the details and ensure that you accomplish what you need. Whether working with scholars, bring high-school or college students, school teachers interested in continuing education, sustainability experts wcurious about food security, lovers of the built enviornment wanting to know more about 500 years of architetural history, or artists wanting to peek at Cuban creativity, we've done it all. Reach out to us and we can make it happen: