Birdwatching & landscape appreciation

Specially crafted itinerary for nature and Cuba lovers $3,500 w/air

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Dec 9-18 2020

Jan 2-11 2021

Feb 25-March 5 2021

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Check out this great video of preschoolers singing the eensy/weensy spider (in Spanish, of course!)

About Us

Our Background

Our docent-led programs draw upon award-winning scholarly research to engage, enlighten and enliven guests about Cuban culture and economy. No random tour guide comes between you and the Cuban people and their built and natural environments. Incredible simultaneous interpretation. 

Our Services

Our travel services to Cuba inlcude various themes such as the Cuban landscape, art and artists, creativity and innovation, architecture, private-sector employment, birdwatching  trips & culture. We travel in small groups, and prefer about 10 travelers. That lets us stay in B+Bs that have been vetted and are clustered in the same building and/or neighborhood.

Our Expertise

Embedded scholar and guide, Dr.Joseph Scarpaci, aims travel services to Cuba through a look at various walks of life and the many nuances of the shifting Cuban culture and economy. Move beyond tourist-guide description  to critical and interdisciplinary thinking.  93 trips to Cuba since 1990 have allowed Dr. Scarpaci to introduce nearly 1,100 Americans to Cuba. From architecture in Havana, historic preservation throughout the island's 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Faith & Spiritiuality,  to birdwatching trips in Cuba's unique and varied landscapes, we do it all. Avoid the big guys. Travel smart!


Birdwatching + Landscape Appreciation Trips

Get ready for some amazing solitude!

Since 2018, we've added these amazing nature trips.

You don't have to be an avid birdwatcher to feel at home in the serenity of the Soroa Orchid Gardens;  the amazing karstic landscapes of Viña;es World Heritage Site valley, sinkholes, caverns, tobacco fields, and rivers; the Caribbean seaside serenity of Girón (site of the infamous Bay of Pigs invasion of April 1961); or San Cristóbal de La Habana (Havana), another World Heritage Site with a collection of Spanish colonial architecture (civic and military) unsurpassed anywhere in the western hhemisphere).

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Soroa, Viñales, Girón (Bay of Pigs; Zapata Biosphere) &  Havana

In 2020 we documented 118 species. So next winter, we offer:10  DAYS/9 NIGHTS​. $3,500 all-inclusive. $500 discount for booking before June 1, 2020

Contact or text/call (540) 230-3143.