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Refund policy

Once  a deposit is received to secure a spot, the first thing we do with the deposit is to hold a group-rate airline ticket reservation from the airline handling our travel. Depending on the size of the group, the airline may refund the deposit or else issue a credit to you. These rules vary from airline to airline.

Canceling 90 days before departure

Entitles you to a 75% refund unless you find someone to take your place, in which case a 100% refund will be issued. 

Canceling 60 days before departure

Triggers a 50% refund unless you find someone to take your place. 

Canceling 30 days before departure

No refunds are given if you cancel within 28-calendar days from the departure date unless you find someone to take your place. Any airline penalties must be incurred by you. Cancelations within 48 hours --even if you find a replacement-- will not be honored with refunds by either the airlines of the CSCCE. 

Travel insurance?

You may wish to look into prviate, third-party, trip insurance to cover any cancelations --for whatever reason-- that may arise. 

Medical insurance

The purchase of the airline ticket guarantees you medical care insurance while you are in Cuba. Ambulatory and hospitalization care are fully covered --except for prescription drugs-- are included as part of an agreement with the air carrier and the Cuban government. For example, one recent traveler had a knee injury that required surgery (orthopedic surgery with an anesthesiologist), and included a private room, meals, 2 nights and three days of care, all for the cost of $29; the latter was for a blood thinner that was injected by a physician at the airport to prevent blood clots because the air-travel changes the cabin pressure which could have induced a stroke. There are several tourist-based hospitals for foreigners located around the island. You need to decide whether you should secure medial-evacuation insurance (e.g., air ambulance to get you state-side) based on your age, health, and risk. There are a variety of private medical-evacuation insurance companies whose services can be found on the web.